Organized Retail Leads Commercial Properties in Lucknow

Organized Retail Leads Commercial Properties in Lucknow

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There is no longer a time when luxurious malls and organized shopping was the exclusive domain of major cities alone. Nowadays, the majority of malls are geared toward emerging real estate growth centers. In this case, Lucknow real estate is one of the areas that has seen tremendous expansion in commercial retail properties.

The introduction of organized retailing brought in Lucknow by Sahara Ganj. Sahara opened their massive retail store in Lucknow the year 2005. Sahara Ganj, that boasts of 425,000 Sq Ft of covered area in an air-conditioned, became an enormous popular with the general public and retail stores of Lucknow.

Apart from that, Zee Mall (Fun Republic) as well as the East End Mall (Wave Cinemas) are also popular shopping spots in Lucknow. East End Mall (Wave Cinemas) was the first mall to open in Lucknow and was then followed by Sahara Ganj and Fun Republic.

The malls host the top international brands, as well as several of the most prominent multiplex screens that are found in the city. Certain malls have discotheques and lounges. Certain, they have discotheques.

The establishment of these malls in cities changed Lucknow Properties in a great manner. People were captivated by the luxury and quality, and began looking for homes that actually show their way of life. The homes for sale in Lucknow were also upgraded in terms of quality and demand.

"Lucknow residents are becoming quality aware, particularly the introduction of luxurious shopping malls has brought about a surge in the consumption of the city. Incorporation of major corporations in Lucknow is also contributing to an increase in income and ultimately, it's Lucknow real estate market that will reap the benefits," said a Lucknow real estate agent based in Lucknow.

He said that even though some of the properties for commercial use located in the city of Lucknow's Hazratganj, MG Road are still hot, however, the new mall developments are attracting major brands and franchises to open stores there.

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